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Unlock your full potential and live a life of purpose and fulfillment with My Positivity Matters.

Our Personal Growth Coaching Platform will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you breakthrough barriers and reach your goals in relationships, career, health, and purpose. Sign up now and let our expert coaches help you create the life you've always wanted. 

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About Us

A personal growth coaching platform co-founded by Nivedita Ganapathi and Ragini Mishra. Our platform is designed for anyone looking to breakthrough barriers and expand their possibilities. Just like we visit a doctor for medical issues, it's important to seek guidance for emotional challenges that impact our relationships, career, and overall well-being. Our skilled coaches act as a "blind-spot monitor," diagnosing and addressing subconscious blocks that hold us back.

Our mission is to connect individuals in need of coaching with the best coaches who have a proven track record of transforming lives.

Join us on the journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

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The Ultimate Programs on My Positivity Matters

My Courses

Personal Transformation Diagnostic Session with Nivedita

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to personal growth and self-discovery? Join Nivedita for a powerful session where she will unveil the hidden power of divination tools. These tools have the ability to cut through all the noise and identify your subconscious blocks, going beyond the limitations of traditional personality development coaching. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and unlock your full potential. Don't miss out on this transformative experience, sign up now and discover the power of divination.

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Mind Body Activation (MBA) Workshop

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Do you want to take control of your health and well-being? Look no further than My Positivity Matters, a personal growth coaching platform co-founded by Nivedita Ganapathi and Ragini Mishra.

Stress is a leading cause of chronic and auto-immune diseases, and our expert coaches are here to help you understand the destructive effects it can have on your physiological and nervous system. We offer a 360-degree approach, combining modern medical understanding with ancient healing practices that are being embraced by medical professionals worldwide.

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Corporate Programs

Unlock your team's potential and boost productivity with My Positivity Matters. Our High-Performance Corporate Workshop, Corporate Retreat and Personal Coaching services provide the awareness and opportunity for growth that shapes destiny. We understand the importance of a happy team, and our expert coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. Sign up now and take the first step towards a more successful future, increase your team's effectiveness and drive the results you desire.

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Success Stories

Find the inspiration you need to live a positive life at My Positivity Matters. Our testimonials feature real people sharing their personal stories of how a positive mindset has helped them achieve their goals. From overcoming obstacles to reaching new heights, our community members prove that a positive attitude is key to success.

Join us on our journey to positivity and see the difference it can make in your life.

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Our Blog

Here's what our clients are saying about our

Breakthrough Coach Nivedita Ganapathi

Our clients can identify the limiting beliefs blocking their happiness and success in one session - something they were unable to discover in years of therapy and other self-help programs.

Marga Clavel

"Nivedita Ganapathi has an extraordinary gift for illuminating every life she touches. Definitely a “must” for everyone who wishes to unveil the true sense of life in order to achieve spirituality, peace, and happiness."

Shyami Fernando Puvimanasinghe

"The universality of the subject combined with Nita’s ease of connecting everything to everything else gave us a sense of connection at a time when life and normalcy had taken its different turns."

Anu Dugyala

"I truly enjoy the class and love the way Nivedita make us understand the value and powers of these chakras in our life. The energy level with the group is amazing and inspires me a lot. I enjoy every single class."

Prasanta Behera

"This class helps you in thinking from many fronts, from Carl Jung to Chakras. It was both intellectually stimulating as well as practical via well-designed exercises to reflect on oneself."

Elisabeth Eljuri

"What I enjoyed most was learning in each session about the seven Chakras in a deeply meaningful way.  A lot of practical tips also helped people like me that tend to be pragmatic."

Sharmila Acharya

"She has a very deep knowledge of transcendental philosophy. Her take on Indian philosophy and mythological tales with a sense of humor is superb. I learned a lot at the workshop."

Are you ready to go inward and sharpen your spiritual abilities yet?  

There is no better time than NOW to set our intentions to guide us through 2023 and release it to the Universe with the power of our group energy.

Do you want

Limitless energy and confidence?

Freedom from negative past and fears?

To build an abundance mindset?

Do you feel stuck, fearful, or frustrated in your relationships?

Are the conflicts at home or work sucking your enthusiasm for life?

Join our Community!!!

This group is for anyone who wishes to gain a significant level of self-mastery.

Expand Your Possibilities in Relationships, Health, Career, and Find Your True Purpose in life.


Breakthrough Barriers

Don't miss this opportunity to put an amazing plan for 2023 into place!

The energy of the soul, mind, intellect, wisdom actions delivered to you in these workshops.