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Stories of Personal Transformation

Please watch to see how you can be a part of this movement to spread positivity. By sharing your experience and telling your story you are helping others to believe that it is possible to achieve the same. Please contact us if you like to share your story and be an inspiration to others. 

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Story of Thomas, our community member

In this video, Thomas shares his experience with My Positivity Matters. 

Also, here Nivedita Ganapathi answers his questions regarding personal growth and spirituality. 


Story of Subadhra, our community member

In this video, Subadhra shares her experience and personal journey so far with Nivedita Ganapathi and the My Positivity Matters community.  

She emphasized a lot on the role of a  guide and a coach. 



Story of success, empowerment, and growth by our members  

In this video, members share their stories of transformation. These members took the 31 Day Awareness Program at My Positivity Matters. 

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31 Day Awareness

Breakthrough Barriers and Expand Your Possibilities. 

Do you want

Limitless energy and confidence?

Freedom from negative past and fears?

To build an abundance mindset?

Do you feel stuck, fearful, or frustrated in your relationships?

Are the conflicts at home or work sucking your enthusiasm for life?

This group is for anyone who wishes to gain a significant level of self-mastery

Expand Your Possibilities in Relationships, Health, Career, and Find Your True Purpose in life.

Breakthrough Barriers