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These programs have worked wonders on people who have worked with them with the intent to bring positive change in their lives. Explore the intersection of science and course in spirituality. Demystify complex spiritual concepts so you can use them in your daily life.

Our Learning Platform includes...


Hanuman Workshop (Mind Mastery)

Decode  mantras and slokas to attain wisdom to overcome challenges.

  • Checklist of Practical Qualities to deal with life’s challenges
  • Even if your life is fairly pleasant, we will learn to invoke the mighty power within us to transcend our own limitations.
  • We will learn how to deal with tough Karmas.
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31-Day Awareness Program

The main purpose: is to stay present on the tasks without escaping to the past or projecting into the future. Get our spiritual online courses.

  • Daily tasks that will ask you to become aware of some aspect of your life 
  • Daily activities to expand awareness and not escape to the past or the future
  • Daily 30-minute meditation
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Intuition Workshop

Tap into your inner wisdom and discover your greatest guidance regarding your work, finances, and relationships.

  • Cultivating your INTUITION could lift you to new heights of inspiration 
  • Make a strong connection to your life's purpose
  • There is deep and profound wisdom just waiting to guide you if only you would ask!
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Renew Myself

If you don't like some aspects of your life, you can actually change it!

  • Recognize a pattern of negative emotions and break free from its clutches
  • Identify and communicate your secret desires
  • Achieve breakthrough from a temporary setback
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Hack the Laws of the Universe Workshop

Join this powerful 108 Energy Vortex and experience magic. Get our spirituality courses online.

  • You will build an Abundance Mindset.
  • You will experience inner child healing by releasing pent-up anger and resentment.
  • You will visualize your grand goals.
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  • Aura cleansing
  • Chakra Analysis for energy blockages
  • Archetypal Mapping of Subconscious blocks
  • Life Purpose Analysis
  • Oracle and Tarot Divination


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