How Gratitude Changes You?

To understand why gratitude is the abundance consciousness, we have to understand that the universe is a mirror. Whatever you put into the universe, it multiplies and it sends it back to you.

Nivedita will show you that learning to cultivate gratitude is not that difficult. We just take it for granted.

Gratitude means being happy. 

Being content and accepting life exactly the way it is right now, not only knowing that this is the only way it could be. But it is the best way for now. People make a common mistake. They get confused with the concept that we should be grateful for life and we shouldn't want anything more. 


Grateful for how life is right now and wanting it to be different in the future are two different things. When you are grateful it means you do not regret anything that happened in the past. You acknowledge that all the things that happened to you in the past, good and bad, were necessary for you to be where you are today. That does not mean you cannot  change your reality going forward.

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