Guided Meditation

for Healing

Join Nivedita on a journey to healing.

Awareness of your energy is vital to your being. Align with your healing. Inhale light and exhale anything that no longer serves you. Release what ever is holding you back and reclaim your health.

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We believe that the right guide can map the journey and light the path for us to reach the destination without us getting lost. 

With the help of Spiritual and Psychological tools, Nivedita can help you get insight into where to focus your attention to get the most out of the next phase in your life.

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Breakthrough Barriers and Expand your Possibilities

Just like when we have medical issues, we go to a doctor as we can't self-diagnose. Similarly, we have a lot of emotional challenges that impact our relationships, career, and overall well-being. In these challenging times, having a skilled coach is paramount as the coach can diagnose our subconscious blocks creating our issues. A coach is like a blind-spot monitor. 

Our goal is to connect people who need coaching with the most amazing coaches who have brought magical transformations in people time and again. 

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