By Nivedita Ganapathi


Once and for all, MAKE A CHOICE, whether you want to play the tit-for-tat game or set yourself free to scale new heights. Learn how to create incredible change, indestructible power and unimaginable happiness.

Don’t settle for limited thinking. Embrace the miraculous!

For an hour a week, for 8 weeks, you will:

  • Expand your thinking
  • Illuminate your heart
  • Create breakthrough possibilities
  • Change your attitude
  • Put on different filters
  • Convert the foundation of your thinking
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Our clients can identify the limiting beliefs blocking their happiness and success in one session - something they were unable to discover in years of therapy and other self-help programs.

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When Rima lost her husband, she encountered so much pain wherein negativity almost consumed her. Watch how her life changed and how she learned how to pass on positivity unto other people.

Due to the pandemic, Anubhav was forced to leave the U.S. and go back to India. Combined with the pressures from work, he lost control of his life. Watch how he learned to embrace the changes and achieve his goals.

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Sandhya went to a dark phase and lost her confidence. Watch how she discovered the tools and techniques how to navigate tough times and opened herself up to possibilities.


The client suffered from extreme anxiety and ran out of options. Watch how the client change his outlook in life and how he viewed himself and learned to achieve peace, stability and success.

People who are motivated to prioritize their dreams up front and center.

Dreams of self care, self love, happiness, success, financial prosperity, discovering their superhuman powers or their life purpose. Spots fill up quickly.

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