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Discover the difference with My Positivity Matters' coaching team. Meet our elite team of coaches, each with their own unique qualifications and specialties, and learn how they can help you achieve your goals and live a more positive, fulfilling life.

Nivedita is a Breakthrough coach, motivational speaker, and spiritual seeker.

As a self-awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal development and live purposeful lives.

Nivedita has conducted mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford and the University of California Santa Cruz and facilitated conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, Linked In, and many other organizations.

She is eminently qualified with a Master's degree in law from Harvard University and a Master’s in High Tech law from Santa Clara University, following which she was licensed to practice law in New York, California, and India. However, she gave up a lucrative law practice to follow her calling to become a motivational speaker and personal coach. Nivedita draws upon her experience in a wide range of healing modalities, sacred mysteries, and spiritual truths to empower people by expanding their awareness.

Avinash is a Transformational coach, a former member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

He is a REX - United Nations Karmaveer fellow, an NLP certified coach, co-active fundamental coach, and one of the foremost trainers of Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind.

Avinash is working with top C-level executives, directors, owners of companies, entrepreneurs & professionals who are looking to perform at peak level in their life. 

In the last 9 years, he has conducted more than 300+ sessions across 12+ cities in India and served participants from 5+ countries. 

His passion is in the area of connecting science and ancient wisdom to help people & organizations connect to their Inner Genius to Manifest their Greatness. His vision is to touch the lives of 1 billion people by the year 2030. Being a spiritually rooted entrepreneur, he is also working on multiple ventures aimed to create more Love, Wisdom, Happiness, and Joy in this world.

Charu is an Angel Connection coach.

Charu has dedicated her life to spreading awareness about the presence of Angels and helping individuals connect with these divine beings. With her unique gift of intuition and years of training, she has honed her skills to bring peace, happiness, and positivity into people's lives.

By connecting with Angels, you open yourself up to a world of infinite possibilities. Angels have the power to guide, heal and protect, providing the support and comfort that is so often missing in our lives. They offer a unique perspective, providing insights and wisdom that can help you overcome life's challenges and reach your full potential.

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