Building a Growth Mindset for Teenagers


Our growth mindset course can help. Our experienced coach Avinash will guide them through proven techniques to build self-esteem, set achievable goals, and develop a growth mindset that will serve them for life.

Here's a glimpse of what your teenager will experience in this life-changing session:

  • Better grades 
  • Increased happiness
  • Overcome anxiety and depression
  •  Better social skills & self-worth

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Meet Our Coach

Avinash -Transformational Coach @ MPM

Avinash is a Former Member of Forbes Coaches Council, a Transformational coach, one of India's foremost coach on Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind, Speaker, Writer, and works in the area of connecting Science and Spirituality. He works with some of the top companies, CXOs, Entreprenuers as a coach enabling them to manifest greater results.

He is certified in Positive Neuroplasticity training by Dr Rick Hanson , a practitioner of Law of Attraction, NLP & certified CTI Co-Active fundamental coach, Certified in Positive Psychology (Online). He is also an Advanced Pranic healer & a practicing Arhatic Yogi.

He keenly follows the area of Quantum Physics, Neuro Plasticity, Positive Psychology, and incorporates the recent development in his work.


He is driven by an insurmountable urge & passion to help people transform and create an amazing life. He writes for Forbes, Business World magazine website, and also speaks at conferences including the United Nations MUN conference, CII as a keynote speaker.